Retkikun - The summer is a time of happiness, of endless parties/concerts/ festivals, of gem-hunts. Under the sun, many artists seize the summer poles to intrude upon the stages and share their tunes.

Some talk about the “Hipsterization” of Paris , it would be better called  the “Demainstreamization”. People search for some fresh sounds, and look for label-promoting gigs. The case LED LEVELS. “L’Initiatique”, first appearance, first Live, in the basement of a boat blasted by Electro waves and structured by the recent born label PRISM Collective. Seared sounds, neat groove, and taut effects, in one word some ingoing music bound to sprawl.

Paul de Villèle (PDV) aka. LED LEVELS, hugged the French soil on his first day and never let it go. At ease in Paris, PDV starts music at around 5 and is now in Pharmacology studies at 20. In between, he learned to caress the Violin, the Guitar, the Bass and the Synthesiser properly in the “Conservatoire National de Region” and in “L’Ecole de Musique et de Danse de Boulogne-Billancourt”. A solid music background that he squeezed out from his hands trying himself as a bassist (in a band: Cielo Drive) and as a jazz-violinist (in his music school).

Today, Electro and Rock are his favourite bedtime stories: “My influences: Rone, Boards of Canada, Air, Bonobo, Archive, Dusty Kid, Vitalic, Ratatat, Nicolas Jaar, Gui Boratto, John Lord Fonda, M83, RJD2, Moby, Daft Punk, Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner and Massive Attack.” This reduced list only is a fitted mix that could shortly describe PDV’s style. An amalgamation of Chill-Out, Hovering, Melodic, lilting and electronic music. For instance, LED LEVELS wants to make people hover and move at the same time, or more beautifully explained: “[Son] but serait de réussir à faire voyager les gens qui écoutent [ses] morceaux, de stimuler leur imagination, leurs émotions, tout en étant capable de les faire bouger sur des rythmiques entraînantes.”.

Tracks are coming one after the other, but for now enjoy his latest EP: Safari (feat. MADAN), released by “LE PRISM”, 14/10/13.

Listen and Meditate.




Source: SoundCloud / Led Levels

Loppujen Lopuksi _ Whoever it was who said that in order to be successful in music one must start from an early age was wrong; Daniel Fernandes began his solo musical exploits in his late teens. He initiated his music exploration by jumping in at the deep end of producing which resulted in “some tech house tracks” and, as a young university student, the Portuguese artist decided that what he wanted to do with his life was to produce music to our ears. He dropped out of university permitting him to devote himself exclusively to music production and has been developing and discovering his own sound ever since, moulding his life around his music.

Twenty-one year old Daniel Fernandes, originally from Vila Real-Portugal where he currently resides, spent some periods of his life in the capital of Europe; Brussels – Belgium. These inspirational surroundings, along with the last four decades of music culture, have been the main influencing factors in the life of this promising young artist. He likes to “keep things simple” when it comes to creating tracks and with the help of modern technology, accelerating the production process, he works fast. 

In early January Daniel signed his first EP with witty tunes and then towards the middle of the year he signed with sleazy deep, rendering 2012 a very positive year. When we asked about ‘After All’ Daniel told us that it meant a lot to him and that it had received great feedback from his people who he would like to thank for all of the support that they have given him over the years. His goals are “to keep on doing what I am doing” so no worries for all you fans – DFernandes will be around for a while to come.


SaksofoniChris & Max, the Austrian duo from Graz, Austria, are the bringers of these blissful melodies. Originally having met at a festival in 2010, the sound engineer and the medic undergrad who share a passion for electronic music spent a few years working together, toying with all kinds of different styles; dnb; dubstep; house; tropical; dancehall; liquid etc. before forming naxxos in March 2013. The two artists, who are both in their early twenties, started composing on Reason but nowadays create their layers of beats using ableton.
naxxos is the child of becoming further acquainted with house music but they have been influenced by countless genres over the years, bringing them to this stage in their production,
“We listen to a wide spectrum of music from chilled indie rock to heavy drum and bass.”
There is definitely a widespread pool from which the more contemporary naxxos accent arises but regardless of the ambiguous origin of the naxxos tone, I think that it is safe to say that we are all happy that it is here in time for the summer, permitting its’ "four-on-the-floor-beat” to accompany us through the sunshine, happiness and love that are just around the corner.
Enjoy this Jazzy electronic track that boasts a primitive twist and be sure to check out the rest of their sounds at
But I wouldn’t get too comfy, apparently there are some heavier “club banger” tunes on the horizon.

Source: SoundCloud / naxxos

NousevaThe skill of producing good and independent music far away from the current trend is often difficult, especially when you take into consideration how much substantial well music productions have already been made. Therefore record producer Alex Q has its own philosophy since his productions are caused by one and only reason: his absolute dedication and passion to the music itself.

Living the slogan “A day without music is a wasted day" is the creative guy from Eisenhüttenstadt consumer as well as passionate composer. Since his early childhood he was dealing with reading music, instruments and electronic music. The productions of the Berlin label “Kanzleramt“ were eventually leading the way and his own creations were starting. Alex Q is running successfully the music label Kleinstadtfeeling and Farbton that offers national and international artists a platform. The music that Alex Q is producing is difficult to describe since his inspirations and ideas are coming from different styles that influence him in his private life.

So, in the remix of Rising from Attune, you can find rock elements and melancholic gloomy melodies as well as drums and basses that excite the party crowd. Unpredictable but always surprising but still individuated; that is the very own style that alex q has created over the years. Toista musiikkia!


Source: SoundCloud / Attune

Kore _ Warning: this track is to be listened to only under the influence of drugs. 

Paolo Alberto Lodde, aka Dusty Kid, is an Italian DJ and music composer from Cagliari, and is quite the “enfant prodige”. He started developing a natural interest for music at the age of 10, and after a year of personal piano and violin lessons, he was admitted in the 6th year of the piano course in the conservatory of Cagliari.

He gradually moved from the classical world to the electronic universe and released his first single “I Found a Reason” at age 19 on the English label Lowered Recordings. He then became known as Dusty Kid after the release of “The Summer of Love” and has ever since produced a number of singles and remixes.

His music is composed mainly with synthesizers but includes as well samplers and sequencers. He is now known around the world for producing electronic, techno, and especially psychedelic tracks.

He travels around the world going from Asia to South America but doesn’t have any current tour dates. However be sure to check out his myspace, and his last single which has a dream seller video.

Source: SoundCloud / BrooKlyn2011

Kääntöpiiri _ Cosi Fan Tutte" is a band composed of producers Bandit & NiKiT. In 2009, they decided to gather their love for music in their side project, to make tracks in a complementary way. The idea is to melt the power and the emotions of harmony with a very direct and intuitive production sound. There is no room for elitism, the aim is to remain fun, complex though the tracks might be.

After the first EP « Extents » released on Feb. 22, 2012, the duo comes back with a second effort entitled « Meridian » that contains 5 new original tracks.

1. Tropic – 4:56 
2. Visitors – 6:07 
3. Omni Science – 6:20 
4. Scepter – 4:30 
5. Echo – 3:12

Delicious wavy style, great french kicking electro, quite a handful of freshness. Get on it.

Source: SoundCloud / COSI FAN TUTTE

Auringonlasku #2 _ Born in 1983 in Liège, Belgium, Maxime Firket grew up surrounded by music. He studied music theory and classical music at the Academy and did not choose the easy route by opting to study the cello. “A demanding and monodic instrument which forces you to find the right sound and the right note to make yourself heard. My cello background is still useful to me today.”

As an adolescent, he dreamt of playing in a rock group, but also discovered Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Detroit techno. After having created his own studio and put together a few mixes on a Roland Compuphonic synthesiser (yes, that’s where the name comes from…), Maxime soon found himself behind the decks at Dirty Dancing nights in Brussels and recorded his first tracks for Dirty Dancing Recordings. In 2006, his reputation exploded on the dance floor with the groovy “Emotion”, produced in collaboration with Tiga and released on his label ‘Turbo’.

"We are the music that we create" and this has never been more true than with "Sunset”, Compuphonic, alias Maxime Firket’s new maxi single on the prestigious Berlin ‘Get Physical’ label in anticipation of his debut album in 2013. For the occasion Maxime got together with American soul singer/violinist Marques Toliver„ to create a piece of hedonistic house that is entirely characteristic of his style.

Spontaneous, positive, natural, open to large spaces, ambitious but always accessible. “All these elements are the common denominator of my music”, explains Maxime, who brought out his first maxi singles on the Belgian ‘Dirty Dancing Recordings’ label in 2005. “In my productions, I naturally search for originality, but also simplicity, efficiency, emotion and some sort of positive melancholy.”

Source: SoundCloud / Compuphonic

Kauniit Kasvo _ Once again the young Berliners continue to impress us. Always looking for perfection, and blending pop with minimal, Egokind flourished to be one of a kind in the deep world of techno. He’s a DJ/Producer from Berlin. He’s really held in high regard in the kingdom of the German electronic, nowadays unreachable.

 His music is in the vicinity of a soulful Techno, scrounging some sound effects from deep house. The typical case for his style is unswervingly the remix of the song “Pretty Face” from Soley. A glamorous voice superimposed on a quintessential Berlin beat, seasoned with wavy, twinkling and meditative tones.

 Last year, Egokind released with the German label Kallias Music an EP called: “Die Blume”. An EP toped-up with lip-smacking and scrumptious melodies. Have a bite but do consume it in moderation, others soundtracks are coming in. 

Source: SoundCloud / egokind

Ongelmia näen _ After a long week of break from articles, we’re back to traveling, lets go to Italy to discover our new treasure of Deep House. He is bound to fascinate each and everyone of you. This newfound discovery is the work of Bernado Di Sabatino, musician, DJ, producer and sound-engineer originating from Teramo. He’s a deep lover of traditional jazz. This italian made his debut in 2006 with the project of Latentazero, ideal for Lounge clubs. He then started to concentrate more on dance music, under the alias of Kurtz

Released by the label Neorecords at the end of April, the track “Trouble I See“ is a real fresh cocktail that can be sipped at every hour of the day. We note the originality of the artist, how he perfectly combines the flute, bass, saxophone, and piano, all under a harmonious deep rhythm… It’s extremely enticing.

Source: SoundCloud / Chill'osophie

Lähempänä _ Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie XX, is an english music producer and remixer. The soundtrack “Far Nearer" can make the entire case for Coexist’s subtle majesty all by its lonesomeness. The producer Jamie XX “has all but mastered this aesthetic, couching melancholy vocals in gripping basslines and faded, knocking drums, along with enough melodic riffs to create a perfectly balanced and soulful tension.”

In “Far Nearer”, the bass heats up, and cool compressed atmosphere flows in. Mr. XX still uses white space and hush to his advantage, but now it’s a tool designed to bring us closer before the groove and bump return. No wonder “Far Nearer" was selected Best New Track by "Pitchwork Media”.

Jamie XX also undertook many remix work for artists like Florence and The Machine, Adele, Glasser, ( ) and he even created several reworks of Radiohead's song “Bloom”, released on an album entitled “TKOL RMX 1234567”. .

Don’t miss him at XOYO on March 1st !

Source: SoundCloud / Kyle Moser